Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MLB // 2012 Orioles Logo

The Orioles organization decided to go for a new look for 2012. And it's not saying a whole lot, either. The new cap logo which goes back to the cartoon bird of old doesn't deviate much from its predecessors. It feels like the hat isn't new at all. You decide.

In addition to the new cartoon bird on the cap, the Orioles will sport a Camden Yards 1992-2012 patch as well as bringing out an orange uniform for some home games. For an organization looking for major changes, the outfit modifications appear fairly minimal.

Friday, November 4, 2011

MLB // 2011 Awards Schedule

Below is the list of awards that MLB will be handing out in the coming weeks. It's a pretty typical schedule where they release one or two awards per day.

Monday, November 14 - AL Rookie of the Year
Monday, November 14 - NL Rookie of the Year
Tuesday, November 15 - AL Cy Young
Wednesday, November 16 - AL Manager of the Year
Wednesday, November 16 - NL Manager of the Year
Thursday, November 17 - NL Cy Young

Monday, November 21 - AL MVP
Tuesday, November 22 - NL MVP

The actual results for these awards will be found at mlb.com.